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An updated dataset (as of 2018.02.09.) is available here. Below you can find the historical data that we shared, which you can use e.g. to reproduce results in our previous papers.

You can download the dataset in plain text (TSV) format below.


Original dataset, 2.8 GiB + 1.3 GiB The data used in our two papers, includes the list of all transactions up to 2013.12.28, presented here for historical purposes.
New dataset, 11.7 GiBWhole blockchain up to 2016.02.09. (397,571 blocks).
User graph contraction, 435 MiB Identification of addresses which probably belong to the same entities in the new dataset (using the method for matching addresses which appear together as transaction inputs as described in our first paper).
Transaction graph, 2.1 GiBEdges linking individual transaction outputs to transaction inputs when they are spent next for the new dataset (i.e. a reconstruction of the "flow" of bitcoins).
READMEDatafile descriptions for the new dataset
Timestamped graph of most active users, 105 MiBThe graphs used in our New Journal of Physics article, created using the "original dataset".

Read the descriptions.

Download or view on GitHub the modified bitcoind client we used to extract the data from the blockchain.

Download the modified red-black tree code and code based on it used in calculating the test statistics for evaluating the presence of preferential attachment in the transaction network.